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  • Learning K8s on Pi – Check that Node

    Learning K8s on Pi – Check that Node

    So at this point we have a single node kubernetes cluster that can publish load-balanced IPs for applications. Which is totally cool, except now we’re faced with a new problem. We need to figure out if the cluster is actually compliant and worth using. This is where the problem of custom built kubernetes becomes more…

  • Learning K8s on Pi – Metal LB

    Learning K8s on Pi – Metal LB

    If you have built a managed kubernetes cluster in any one of the public clouds(AWS, GCP, Azure, or even Digital Ocean) you have probably fallen in love with the ability to deploy a load balancer easily for your application to a public IP. This is a critical component(at least in my opinion) to utilizing kubernetes…

  • Learning K8s on PI – kubeadm

    Learning K8s on PI – kubeadm

    Each time I am talking to other operational mindset people about Kubernetes, I run into roadblocks in communication. After a lot of thinking, I started to imagine how I can help bridge the technical gap between operations and kubernetes. I decided to start a blog series on how to get started using one simple item;…