The Positive Side of Failure

Disclaimer: This isn’t another Mental Health post. I’ll share that part of my story sometime later. This is going to be raw, so if you can’t read this, don’t. I am not looking for empathy or sympathy. These experiences brought me to where I am and I don’t resent them. I want this to be something that helps […]

Automation: Getting started with vRealize Automation (Part 1)

Acronyms used: vRA = VMware vRealize Automation vRO = VMware vRealize Orchestrator vROPS = VMware vRealize Operations I was hit with a shocking realization this past week. During a conversation with a VMware representative about automation and the success that we have found within it, he stated, “You know we could sell the cloud suite license […]

HomeLab Rookie – Networking Mis-steps-stakes

So going along with last post about how I am really not great with the administration of vSphere, or the setup(last time was 5.5). Its time to look at the more fundamental stuff, and how bad I am with the Network component. Addendum: I hope these help someone out there grow themselves. I know I’m […]

The Life of a Home Lab…Rookie

Normally my blogs are more technical and at least get the information accross about how to do different things within VMware’s toolbox. Today, I’m starting a series(ish) on doing a homelab. Yes this is new for me and i’m working through some basic things i havn’t had to do since ESXI 5.5. SO there is […]