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  • A DevOps Mindset

    So you wanna do DevOps, well here is a take from a guy who has never been in a DevOps role, and has never utilized DevOps practices in an environment, and lets face it, I really have no idea what “Modern DevOps” is. In fact, I hate the notion of “DevOps” as a snapshot of […]

  • A Practice of Learning

    If I was looking in my history and wanted to find what made the biggest impact it would be the creation of a practice of learning. Creating a practice of learning is very simple, in concept, but extremely difficult in its actuality. In my own life there have been days where I study and learn […]

  • WE-ARE-ables – What to wear?

    WE-ARE-ables – What to wear?

    I’ve heard the “o” word from 3 doctors, in the last year. Let’s just say that COVID hasn’t pulled its punches with me. I think my first problem was understanding that my favorite food was buffalo wings, followed up by Beer, which may not be the best diet for those looking to stay fit. Having […]

  • Value Add Re-Telling .01

    I work as an engineer for a Value-Add-Reseller for many different products. In the acronym world that we are so well acquainted with, this is just referred to as a VAR. What does a VAR do? The idea behind a VAR is that we do what product specific vendors cannot. We are able to work […]

  • On and On (2022 Goal Post)

    On and On (2022 Goal Post)

    There is a sad statement I’ve heard. In this life, there is no goal, no final black and white checkered flag. No hope of things ever stopping. In fact each year things only get slower, your body gets slower to heal, and it has pain easier. and yet…. In spite of all this we move […]

  • Cloud Field Day 12

    Cloud Field Day 12

    I’m extremely excited be a part of Tech Field Day (TFD). For those that haven’t heard of this before, Tech Field day allows vendors to present their products and solutions to the public and they provide the platform to publicize the presentation. One key differentiator with TFD to other platforms, is they bring in delegates […]

  • iPad Learning

    iPad Learning

    Taking a break from k8s on pi as I’m thinking through next steps, or even if there are next steps. Currently with the rPi series you can basically do whatever you want. I mean, I setup and ran both parts of kNative, so there really isn’t much of a limit. Let’s look at a different […]

  • Learning K8s on Pi – Metal LB

    Learning K8s on Pi – Metal LB

    If you have built a managed kubernetes cluster in any one of the public clouds(AWS, GCP, Azure, or even Digital Ocean) you have probably fallen in love with the ability to deploy a load balancer easily for your application to a public IP. This is a critical component(at least in my opinion) to utilizing kubernetes […]

  • Learning K8s on PI – CRI-O

    Learning K8s on PI – CRI-O

    Docker is by far the de-facto runtime for kubernetes, at least in my opinion. The ability to build on the same machine that your are deploying is quite handy for learning. However, at some point you will start thinking, “I want to play with other run-times, whats out there to try?” Run-times aren’t huge differentiators […]

  • Learning K8s on PI – kubeadm

    Learning K8s on PI – kubeadm

    Each time I am talking to other operational mindset people about Kubernetes, I run into roadblocks in communication. After a lot of thinking, I started to imagine how I can help bridge the technical gap between operations and kubernetes. I decided to start a blog series on how to get started using one simple item; […]