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  • A Good Adjustment

    A Good Adjustment

    I’m busy working on the homlab trying my best to duplicate a homelabber and failing miserably. But more information will be coming on that later. For now I found a great KB that needs some sharing! VMware has been known for some great pointers to fix issues. This one fell into my lap from an […]

  • VRealize Deployments: Part One, Active Directory Policy

    VRealize Deployments: Part One, Active Directory Policy

    So this is a blog series on how to setup and create quick deployments for self-service users in vRealize Automation. This is mostly built-in automation with minimal custom creations. This is pretty basic, but I wanted to start there and grow. I guess in that light I need to go over licensing and the architecture […]

  • The One About Tagging..

    The One About Tagging..

    So with the future of datacenter segmentation looking like tagging in IT we have seen a major push towards VMtagging around the cubes. Well at least I have. Lets not mix words. I hated tags. It was basically like putting a sticky note on a machine with no management to make sure things ARE tagged, […]

  • Template management 101

    So what does vRealize really utilize for automation. Well in 7.4(I believe) things got a lot easier with their guest agent. Utilizing the agent page from the appliance will now show an actual PowerShell or bash command for installing the agent(pretty awesome). Here is the thing. Though the automated installer will remove the already installed […]