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  • Thursday @VMworld

    Thursday @VMworld

    VMWorld Certification Experience So I woke up at 6AM this morning, I had a lot of anxiety about the test so definitely wasn’t ready or well-rested for it. However, I was determined to get a good start into the foray of certifications after I talked with the education people yesterday. Its definitely intimidating to walk […]

  • Wednesday @VMworld

    Wednesday @VMworld

    VMworld Tips(AGAIN) First remember that you are on your feet for almost the entire time you’re NOT in a session and in some cases a bit when you’re in there. The continual mantra that comfortable shoes need to be your first item to pack is totally true. HOWEVER: There are definitely other tips to give […]

  • Tuesday @VMworld

    Tuesday @VMworld

    San Fransisco! I decided to write a bit about the town, I came from a 105 degree Texas over to the west coast. Considering the only “West Coast” thing I knew was a swing dancing step known as the West Coast 3-step(I met my wife Swing Dancing). ITS COLD. Yeah ok so lows in the […]

  • Monday @VMworld

    Monday @VMworld

    Note: For the sessions I’ll embed the videos once they are released. Similar to the general session. General Session Big announcements Acquisition of Pivotal and Carbon Black Project Tenzu with Project Pacific bringing native Kubernetes into the vSphere space running Kubernetes on ESXi and stating that it can run over 8% faster than bare metal […]

  • Sunday OTW and @ VMworld 2019

    Sunday OTW and @ VMworld 2019

    The Trip Sitting here in a quiet terminal is slightly surreal. I’m not used to silence or the singular sound of roller bags one at a time going through. Its peaceful… too peaceful. I got here too early. I’m a stickler for rules. I don’t know why, but if I’m told to be at the […]