Thursday @VMworld

VMWorld Certification Experience

So I woke up at 6AM this morning, I had a lot of anxiety about the test so definitely wasn’t ready or well-rested for it. However, I was determined to get a good start into the foray of certifications after I talked with the education people yesterday. Its definitely intimidating to walk up and check-in for something that your hoping to turn out well.

Taking the test was very akin to my other certifications but the main difference that I absolutely loved was my immediate comfort with the test. I know this stuff. Maybe I don’t know it very well, but I do daily tasks within this product. I think  there will be many people out there that will find this same experience. I’d suggest, if possible, investing in a lab, or public cloud test, whatever, before you study for a certification. Don’t let the certification be your first foray into a field. That was my problem when IT became my 2nd career. I decided to just get some certifications, and maybe I could get somewhere. It was the hardest thing I did. Then when I started my first big boy IT job, they didn’t care that I had them. In fact, no one cared about what certifications I got. Let me put it this way.. Certifications is a checkbox for upper level positions, Not a checkbox for entry-level positions. At least this has been my experience.

I missed by 3 questions with 0 studying. That just tells me some studying and I’ll get her done. Regardless a very encouraging time for me, and well worth the money for my own personal growth.

Ask the Experts your Toughest Kubernetes Questions[MTE6161U]

So the Expert didn’t show up to our meet the expert discussion. So I decided to talk to the two guys that showed up and ask them what their exposure was with Kubernetes. My own knowledge is very limited, however, as engaged as I have been through VMworld and all the sessions I attended, I asked if it would help them if I shared what I had discussed with others, and my own experience.

I believe a lot in paying it forward when possible, but its not a great to try to take over something when your not an “expert” in it. However, I wanted to help as much as I could. I just went over some of the Kubernetes discussion I’ve had as well as some training I’ve done with AKS and Kubernetes.

It really helped me realize that maybe I should start doing some talks and start going through the white pages and create presentations. This was a good realization, that there are those out there that can benefit from the things I have learned, even though i’m not an expert.

Machine Learning in Less Than 1 Hour with Python [CODE3331U]

Dan Illson @danillson @cloudjourney

VMworld Video

  • What is Machine Learning??
    • A subset of “Artificial intelligence”
    • “Learning based on experience”
    • a process of identifying patterns in data
    • building models which explain a set of data
    • prediction without explicit pre-programmed rules/models
    • closely related to computational statistics
  • Breaking down machine learning
    • supervised learning
      • Classification and Regression
        • regression I have a theory and i’m trying to test to progress to the smallest integer
      • using existing data to help interpret new data
      • algorithms include:
        • decision trees
        • support-vector machine
        • native bayes classifier
        • k-nearest neighbors
        • linear regression
    •  unsupervised learning:
      • only received data is considered
      • Algorithm families:
        • clustering
        • association
  • Python why?
    • Python and R are what are normally used for Data Science
      • Its easy to start with
        • the syntax is easily human readable
        • available for many systems
        • its popular and easy to get help
      • all functions are presented
      • fast
      • has a comfortable interface
        • including the command line interpreter
      •  many standard libraries for it
  • Lets try some supervised learning
    • We’ll use the “iris” data set that comes packaged with the sklearn library
    • python via the command line interface
    • we’ll use the k-nearest neighbors algorithm:
      • a positive integer k is specified, along with a new sample
      • we select the k entries in our database which are closest to the new sample
      • we find the most common classification of these entries
      • this is the classification twe give to the new sample
  • DEMO!
    • matplotlib
  • Mean accuracy model – how close it can be accurate with the model.
  • Code for today will be posted on within the next weeks time.

Other things to see is NL VMUG video by Jad Al-Zein on the topic, as well as machine learning on python, in Coursera great resource.

Using NSX-T to Modernize Your IT Infrastructure by IBM [CNET3380BU]

VMworld Video

  • Your either disruptive on the network or your disrupting.
  • Utilizing NSX-T allows less disruption
  • With the challenges of new business models, hybrid, multi-cloud reality presents new opportunities, as well as new challenges…
  • New tech and Containers are helping to support and address concrete business needs
  • Introducing new tech and clouds introduces challenges on integrating with existing technology
  • So how can IBM help?
  • IBM and VMware have been partners since 2014 in enabling NSX for vSphere.
  • NSX-T does not need VCenter

Ending VMworld

Well that’s another VMworld in the books. Man I’m tired. What a wonderful time with wonderful people. Its really weird on Thursday that you start feeling like this place is home. The repetition of going from one session to another. The constant insanity of walk/run/sit/type/type more/run/eat/run/sit/type, becomes just 2nd nature. You start seeing things around you as constant, but its not. Its just part of your life, that has now ended, and like a child who’s been told to stop playing at a friends house, its time to go home.

I’ve got some great Ideas for blogs, and I hope to go through those soon! Till then dear readers!

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