Automation Software Starting in 2019

So, as I’m a VMware tech, specializing in automation, this blog will be very focused on “How-To’s” in terms of administration of the different software solutions.

Probably not a great idea to write this since my kids, and wife have all had the flu in the past 72 hours… so caffeine source blogging ftw?

Software administration is going to be mostly focused on vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestration. As those are the main focus that I currently have. I’m going to look into Open Stack later, but as most corporations shy away from non-enterprise solutions it’ll just be a personal lab solution(which I’m still working on).

Just to give a heads up on where this should be going within the next year. Goal is to update with weekly blogs, but hopefully there will be more to share.

Fun stuff… Lets hope…

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