The Journey Begins

For those that dont know me, lets get some thing settled.

  1. I started in automation, mainly because I couldn’t follow documents. I have astigmatism in my right eye that jumps lines in a book for no reason, and as such have never been great at reading or following checklists.
  2. I started learning PowerShell from I totally endorse as its a great self learning tool) and from there my eyes were opened.
  3. So far, I’ve touched puppet, chef, and ansible as automation languages but I hunger for more.
  4. I’ve recently bought an irobot and just marvel at the learning of the device… would be cool if I did something like that at some point
  5. I am the father of 2 daughters and the husband of one wife.

Pretty much other than that and me not owning a mac, this is how I roll.

For those looking for new and amazing structures this probably isn’t for you. Alot of these posts will be rehashes of things others have posted but I’ve had to deal with in different ways.

But thank you, for visiting. Lets hope this turns into something cool.


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