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  • Imposter Syndrome – My Experience + Sucking the Venom Out

    Imposter Syndrome – My Experience + Sucking the Venom Out

    Ever have that feeling like your not enough? Maybe this will help?

  • DFW VMUG Usercon (my experience)

    DFW VMUG Usercon (my experience)

    Usercon is an amazing event. Thanks to some of the leaders I was able to volunteer this year and be part of the team. This came with some discussion with the speakers, Talks with friends, hearing good speaker, and some good meetings with vendors in the solutions exchange. The great thing about usercon is that […]

  • The Positive Side of Failure

    The Positive Side of Failure

    Disclaimer: This isn’t another Mental Health post. I’ll share that part of my story sometime later. This is going to be raw, so if you can’t read this, don’t. I am not looking for empathy or sympathy. These experiences brought me to where I am and I don’t resent them. I want this to be something that helps […]