Certifications in 2019

The Goal

So I already mapped out what my plan was for 2019. These included a personal lab, learning infra as code, and moving into more automation specialization over more tools.

Well lets add certifications to that! I’m not a big certification guy. I thought I’d need them to get my foot in the door but it turned out I didn’t. So this is a basic plan for me in 2019 for certifications:



From this I’m planning on the “Cloud Management and Automation” roadmap. This by itself should keep me busy. I’ve built my own lab before and it was… ok… (I learned very quickly that a 4 core 16GB ram desktop will only get you so far). I’ll have more posts about that, but my point here is that I’ve setup a whole vcenter environment so I’m not starting from absolute scratch.


I’ll be working on “Cloud Practitioner” certification as well. This is relatively simple but helpful to expand and robust my resume'(I hope). I can always move ahead in another direction afterwards but this is a good starting point.

This is all I’m going to focus on for 2019, and lets be honest, I may not get that far into it. Here it is day 2 of January and I havn’t started the process. Though I have started connecting vRA to an SDDC in VMC(More on that later).

’till next time folks.

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